Flexible workshops hosted by experts, paired with hands-on materials to effect implementation of the lessons and values derived through training.


Developing Leaders Series

Critical Thinking

Time : 8hrs   Cost : $200USD 

Upon completion of this workshop you will be able to define critical thinking and its value to the workplace, highlight situations and scenarios where critical thinking is needed and explore ways in which language influences thinking.

Business Success Strategies

Time : 16hrs   Cost : $400USD

This programme deep dives the foundational business planning and strategy development concepts you’ll need to know to be able to start developing your own roadmap to business growth and success.

Leadership Fundamentals

Time : 8hrs   Cost : $200USD 

Leading a team is quite a difficult task if you are unaware of the fundamentals.  Let’s expose you the fundamentals of leadership through the perspectives of a number of authors and then decide which style or combinations  best suit you and your team’s energy.     

Understanding Numbers

Time : 12hrs   Cost : $300USD

Whether used to gauge success or just understand progress, numbers talk. Don’t be afraid of numbers, lets help you help them tell you the story. We will delve into financial and accounting management and understanding and deciphering ratios.


Customized Workshops For Individuals & Companies

At Sisters’ Ink, we know there is no one size fits all, hence our workshops are made flexible to suit your time, your learning requirements and your goals.

  • Expert Coaches Sharing Expert Advice

  • Flexible Workshop Schedules

  • Engaging & Interactive Sessions

  • Live Online & On-Demand Sessions

  • Workbooks & Other Materials Included


Developing Companies Series

Strategic Success

Time : 8hrs   Cost : $200USD 

Making decisions can be difficult.  Lets help you make decisions based on logical assumptions to provide you with a clearer view of the future and transforming your company to heights of greater efficiency.  

Exceptional Service, Exceptional Profit

Time : 10hrs   Cost : $250USD

Extending exceptional service to your customers will guarantee exceptional profit. As Maya Angelou says “people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel,”.

Value Proposition Design

Time : 10hrs   Cost : $250USD

Businesses add value to the lives of their clients and in adding value, they gain longevity, growth and so much more. A Value Proposition can provide clarity on building relationships with clients and thus promotes success.

Succession Planning

Time : 12hrs   Cost : $300USD

Your company should outlive you! The values, lessons and strategies from this course will take you closer to developing a succession plan that will ensure the continuation of your leadership legacy.

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