We expose entrepreneurs to tried and tested strategies through business coaching, mentorship, and capacity planning and building initiatives, to foster the growth of dynamic leaders and their businesses.

Business Services

Cutting Edge, Creative & Affordable Solutions For All Your Business Challenges

We provide business support to small and medium enterprises allowing  them to gain an improved competitive advantage. 


Let us help you ensure you have all your accounts and processes in order with our efficient auditing services.


Accounting and financial statement creation are no longer stressful with our experienced team.

Business Model Canvas

Let us help you conceptualize your target market, revenue streams, cost structure, key resources and the key people in your business.

Business Planning

We help you develop investment ready plans that encapsulates your businesses financial, operational and marketing goals.

Business Registration

We take the frustration out of formalizing your business name/company registration at the Companies Office of Jamaica.

Digital Strategy

At Sisters’ Ink we help businesses like yours reach audiences online with digital planning and website development services.

Marketing Plan

Are you strategically engaging your target market? We help you conceive, formulate and action engagement with potential customers.

Market Research

We can assist you in understanding, positioning and focusing your products and services in the market.

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Our Process

Our 3-Step Process Makes Getting Started Easy

Book Consultation

Book your Free Initial Consultation with us by completing our Initial Consultation Form.

Develop Business Regimen

In our session, we will get to know you and your business goals and thus create a business support regimen suited for you.

Submit Documents

Submit the required documents, make your deposit and we will get started!


Supporting All Aspects Of Your Businesses Development & Growth

Customized consulting and coaching to ensure your unique business challenges are fully understood, assessed and strategically addressed 

Leadership Development

We work with individuals and companies to expand the capacity and performance of individuals in leadership roles.

Human Capital Management

We work with you to find and attract the best people to your team as well as to effectively optimize and manage productivity for rapid growth.

Customer Service Management

We can help you formulate strategies and practices to analyze, improve and manage how your customers experience your business.

Change Management

Working with you to systematically develop and transform business goals, processes and technological capabilities.

Operations Management

Working with you to develop practices and strategies to create the highest level of efficiency within your business.

Management Strategy

We work with individuals and companies to set goals, objectives and procedures to make businesses and companies more competitive.

Product Development

Helping you develop your ideas from concept through to market. As well as to further optimize existing products for better market performance.

Project Management

Our experienced team will work with you to understand project parameters and formulate a strategy to achieve project goals within those parameters.

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DBJ Business Development Officers

Sisters Ink is a Business Development Officer and Business Support Intermediary for the Development Bank of Jamaica. Under the Voucher for Technical Assistance Program, DBJ will defray the cost of our services, reducing the total amount that you would have to pay.

Certified Small Business Advisors

A GrowthWheel Certification is awarded to small business advisors globally who have undergone extensive training to develop the skills and know-how needed to better impact our clients businesses.

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